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Based on staff ratios and space, our facility admits children ages 6 weeks - 5 years of age. All admission and enrollment forms must be completed, and all fees must be paid prior to your child’s first day of attendance.  Additionally, all required items from the classroom list must be brought in before your child’s first day of attendance.

A yearly, non-refundable enrollment fee of $50 is due at the time of enrollment.  There is a $25 application fee per child which is also non-refundable and required upon enrollment. Two weeks’ fees will be required should you wish to hold a child’s place in our center and is non-refundable.

After parents have toured the facility they are encouraged to bring their child  for a thirty-minute visit to meet their teacher and other children in their classroom.  This visit must be scheduled prior to the child’s first day of attendance. and completed enrollment/application papers and fees are required prior to this visit.

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Costs and Subsidies

If you have any questions about tuition, fees, or enrollment please fill out our                                  and we will connect with you shortly. 

The Child Care Certificate is accepted at The Village.


The Child Care Certificate Program

is a state program that assists Families First participants, parents transitioning off Families First, parents working or enrolled in post-secondary education programs, teen parents, and children in foster care. It's also called the subsidized child care program. To apply for these services you must contact The Department of Human Services.

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